Angel Support Living Ltd provides supported living services and accommodation, letting people with mental health issues, learning disabilities, or a history of substance abuse live independently while getting the support they require. This combination of housing and support services is a cost-effective alternative that encourages independence and personal responsibility, while providing the support and care that each individual needs. We are equipped and ready to deal with serious and persistent issues and are poised to help our clients overcome their challenges to lead a successful life regardless of their income.

Our clients are offered placements on a referral basis and following a full assessment of their needs. Many of our clients have been allocated a personal budget and receive direct payments. All referrals must be fully assessed before we offer a place, which includes input from the client and relevant professionals.

Our supported living accommodation can be combined with other social services, including job training, life skills training, substance abuse education, and case management to help people with a diverse range of personal challenges to lead more independent and fulfilling lives.

Our Accommodation

Our accommodation includes shared houses, studio flats, 1 bedroom flats, 2 bedroom flats, onsite games rooms and en-suite accommodation. All flats are furnished and shared houses are also available for vulnerable adults within local communities and several London boroughs. When accommodation is offered, it is ready for the client to move in.

Once you’re settled in, you will have access to our highly-trained staff. Who are available onsite 24 hours per day, 365 days of the year to provide support and ensure that you can follow your Person Centred Plan.

We are always expanding our housing portfolio. If we do not show vacancies, we may be in the process of acquiring more property and it is likely we will have flats or rooms available soon. Please get in touch with your requirements to see if we have anything suitable available and let us know if you have any urgent requirements, so that we can plan and support you.